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Add: Building 19-104, No.1 Zidong Avenue, Xinmao Qilu Tech Zone, Jinan City.
TEL: +86 531 8852 1520
+86 531 8852 1810
Fax: +86 531 8852 1690
Mail: jntc@
Qingdao Branch
Add: Room 6-2-103, Biguyuan Garden, Hongtong Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City.
Fax: +86 532 8786 1320

Product & Service

   Jinan Tongchuang Automation Co. Ltd is a company committed to providing customers with professional Hydraulic and Pneumatic control services and Systems. We are the distributor of the Parker Pneumatic & PIAB Vacuum System in Shandong. Our major business includes producing and selling Pneumatic & Hydraulic products; Fluid System design & upgrading, remodeling, maintaining etc.

  We pay particular attention to these industries. Petrochemical, CNC, Transportation, Medical Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment, Papermaking Equipment, Rubber and Plastic Machinery, Textile Machinery. With the concept of integrity while working with our customers by giving them professional support and service that will be beneficial to their business. Our Company has achieved great success through experience utilizing these processes, we are thankful to our customers for their support and ongoing business.

    Our head-office is based in Ji'nan City, and new branch in Qingdao. So we can offer prompt Technical, Telephone, and onsite support service. We believe that with the hard working of our team and your commendable trust, we will be your credible friend and your good partners of mutual benefit

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Add:Room 1109, Yongan Building, 268 Quancheng Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
Tel:+86 531 8852 1520 Fax:+86 531 8852 1690 E-mail:jntc@
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